What I have worked on

rbjordan3 Projects

Here are a few projects I have recently worked on at Rocket Booster Media.

Seacoast New Hampshire Landingscaping

RhinoTech Screen Printing Equipment

RhinoTech Screen Printing Equipment needed a refreshed website. The old design dates from around 2011. The Challenge with this project was importing an OpenCart to Woocommerce. Adding more color to the site, improving the search functions, and speeding up the site.

Andrew Johnson Amateur Radio Club

Andrew Johnson Amateur Radio Club

The AJARC website was based on an old theme used by a member of the club who is SK. The Challenge with this project was converting from a very old version of WordPress theme to a modern theme for the site. I also had to fetch the live snapshots from a separate server using Javascript and work around caching issues on both the server and browser.

Perpetual Well Automatic Dog Water Bowl

Perpetual well

Perpetual well is an Automatic Dog water bowl for homeowners. It connects directly to your home’s water and sewer. It provides an endless supply of water for your pet Dog, Cat…well anything that will drink out of a bowl.

Lucas Lagoons Custom Pool Builder

Lucas Lagoons

Lucas Lagoons the same people of Insane Pools needed a new website. The challenge of this site was to create a graphically intense site that loads very quickly. This is one of the most optimized sites I have worked on especially given its visual nature.

Lucas Lagoons World Class Pool Design


Lucas Lagoons launched a service to design world-class pools Called Lucas Lagoons Designs. This project challenge was getting an interactive graphic that gets attention while efficiently loading.

Elfs Landscaping - Seacoast New Hamsphire Landscaping Service Near Me

Elf’s Landscaping

Elf’s Landscaping is your Landscape Service. This project challenge was creating a visually pleasing site that was very functional for capturing leads and interacting with customers.

These are just a few examples of websites I have worked on recently and wanted to share. Each project has it’s own unique challenges and makes this work interesting.