Updating to PHP 7.3

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PHP Logo - Upgrading to PHP 7.3

A new version of PHP is going to be released on 11/28/2019 version 7.4.  We have decided to start updating to PHP 7.3 and the move our hosting infrastructure to PHP 7.4 before the end of 2019. The group that develops and maintains PHP is now getting more aggressive at releasing new versions and deprecating […]

Some Cool Tools I use everyday

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Over the years I have found a few tools that I really like and use to run my life. I find that using tools to keep my life organized helps reduce my stress level. The biggest problem, I suffer from is lack of focus. These tools give me a little piece of mind by giving me reliable storage of information that I can retrieve later. By not having all of this extra stuff in my brain all the time it helps to lower my stress level.