Founded in 2012 Blazedog Computer Consulting, Inc. provides on-site computer repair services in the Tri-cities Tennessee area.

Rob Jordan is the president and CEO. Blazedog Computer Consulting, Inc. utilizes Rob’s 20+ years of experience working in a software development environment. Rob’s experience has included supporting hundreds of Windows, UNIX and Linux workstations in a large software test laboratory environment.


Blazedog Computer Consulting, Inc. Mission Statement:

Blazedog Computer Consulting, Inc. is committed to providing the highest quality products and first-class services and support to all of our customers. Quality is a top priority in our organization, and it has always been the standard through which we compare our performance and measure our progress as a business. While cost competitiveness remains an important factor in all of our offerings, our products and services to both residential and commercial clients have, and will, continue to stress customer satisfaction while delivering the highest value with utmost quality.  We are your Tri-cities On-Site Computer Repair Service.

Blazedog Computer Repair - Tri-Cities TN

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